Sofia's Homemade Preserves & Foodstuffs 2019–Present
Sofia's Preserves & Foodstuffs is a project/hobby that I started with my mother. We both love to cook and wanted to find a way to share our passion and flavors with our community. We chose the name Sofia because it's my middle name and also the name of our house (Villa Sofia) where we prepare all of our products. For the branding I wanted something that was different and embodied both the uniqueness and boldness of our products. We wanted Sofia's to be the outcast of preserves and sauces, both visually and conceptually. Some of our jam and preserve flavors include Strawberry Habanero, Passion Fruit and White Wine Rosemary & Garlic. At the moment they are only available via pre-orders or at Christmas Bazars and Farmer's Markets. 
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